Art & Game

As technology is quickly advancing in this modern society, 

we can handle our time effectively. 

By contrast, however, a culture of solidarity is breaking down. 

And that makes us feel lonely, even in millions of people.

In the real sense of the word, 

we should 'communicate' using all our sensation, in the same place.
For the communication, we need an 'analog' bridge to gather people,

 which may not be convenient enough than a digital way.

Art teaches us a difference of view.
Games let us experience 

'the difference' by visual and logic ideas.

They bring us into the new world.

That's why art and games should be connected.
And that becomes a link for the A.ger games to be born.

Even for the non-boardgamers,

On a date,
Or hanging out with friends,
Or a family gathering,

We hope they can open their eyes to the boardgame culture with A.ger games.